Third Time’s the Charm

Over the past few years I’ve launched and relaunched this site a couple times. I’m doing it again for the third time, as I finally have a clearer idea as to what I’m wanting to do. Things will likely be slow going at first, but my overall plan is to make small home goods, embroidering vintage military clothing pieces and eventually reupholstering vintage furniture. I’ve been talking about doing this, mostly to myself and a few in the inner circle, for years and it seems due time I start making it happen.

I feel as though if I finally put it out there, in its entirety, I’ll force my hand and finally move forward with it. Well that’s the hope at least. Stories will be shared along the way and as soon as more product is made I’ll announce let you all know where to buy it.

In the meantime, Casa Robles Vintage is having a 50% off sale right now because that will soon be no more. I’ll be adding more things to the shop in the coming weeks, at rock bottom prices, to clear this stuff out. As much as I love and will continue vintage shopping, my true passions lie elsewhere and I think my time will be better spent doing those.

I’m always open to communication, so please if you ever want to add to the conversation, please feel free to do so.

And away we go…

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